My First blog post!

I’ve been contemplating writing for many years and on just about so many different things and perspectives, Time has passed but I haven’t gotten around it, Well, Until today! To be a bit more kinder with myself I’ve narrowed the choices I had in mind to write about and that is my experiences with one of my favorite activities, Running! If I were to start writing, I needed a blog and also a name that’s perhaps a bit relevant. What’s in a name, I might have thought, but I still needed it to be relevant. Choosing one wasn’t that hard to be honest as I’ve pondered enough on it over several runs, Since the time I thought about running. “Runirvana” it is and I might sound a bit philosophical, but, running has started to become the necessary daily potion, For me to be me, without complicating it much and keeping the sanity of my mind :). I’ve also come to discover that at this time and age of my life, Running, in a way is giving me a sense of self worth, If not for anything else – That I too can do something useful with myself and experience the bliss of it! And that is enough of my brief philosophical rant about “Why Running” and over to the more interesting, “How it all started”!

I started running about 6 years ago. It was 10K without any training that I did first and it couldn’t have gotten any wilder than that. My best friend was running the race and insisted that I should join him and I did and completed it so painstakingly. That is when I realized how bad my fitness levels were. I had cramps that wouldn’t go away for several days and that was when I seriously considered that I should do something about it! As a child I remember winning running races at school and also have those precious mementos and recognition certificates that I won to cherish and those memories helped me get started. I started slow, ran few miles once in 2-3 days or so and mostly kept it recreational. I tracked my pace and distance using my iPhone at that time and also got into conversations about them with some very serious athletes who I knew from work. I remember thinking that I would never be able to run as much as they do nor could even think about doing longer races – But isn’t that how everything is like to begin with? Slow or fast, If things are kept up with, Miracles are meant to happen. Today, I run at a pace that I didn’t think I could, at that time and have run a few half marathons, 10 milers and more 5Ks. I have signed up for my first full Marathon scheduled for March 2019 and this will be my gift to myself right before I turn 40. I am also on the course to complete my first 1000 miles this year and I’m so grateful for that. This wouldn’t have been possible without my running buddies from my local run club called Morrisville Run Club or MRC. My runs, pace and the miles wouldn’t have been so consistent, hadn’t it been for this amazing group.

Its been a journey that I’ve come to cherish and look forward to as I cross the streets, greenways, hills and the trails every time I run now and beyond.